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BC mayor sorry, will not resign

With little support from his city council, Brigham City mayor Dennis Fife said he wants “to finish out my last year as mayor,” even after admitting that he was involved in an extramarital affair during his tenure in office.

In an interview with the Leader, Fife said, “I have an obligation to finish out my term.  I am sorry about the publicity that has come to the city (Brigham City) because of this, but I am only here to serve.”

Fife said the affair occurred with a woman he had been counseling while an LDS bishop, but began following his release from that office, after she “continued to seek my advice.”  It started prior to his taking on the role of mayor and continued over an extended period of time before he broke it off.

“I am guilty of indiscretions that occurred during this continuation period,” he wrote in a release.  “For over seven months now, I have been going through the repentance process.  I have confessed to my wife, my ecclesiastical leaders and recently spoke to the city council…”

The conversation with the council took place in a closed session last week, Fife said, and was done in order to dispel some of the rumors that were “floating around town.”  He said their opinion on his decision to remain in office is “somewhat split” as some feel he has lost his “effectiveness” as the city’s leader.  “But they are the ones who make the decisions, not me,” he said of the council.  Remaining in office could mean he would have some sanctions put upon him, but he is willing to accept those restrictions to some extent, he said.

Fife wrote an open letter of confession to the residents of Brigham City.  “I am asking for your forgiveness and understanding,” he said.  “I have the support of my wife and I am asking for your support as I continue to serve as your mayor.  Judge me as you will, but my conscience is clear and my commitment to serve is resolute.”

He said he would not feel compelled to stand firm on his commitment to his office without the “overwhelming personal support from my wife and family.”


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