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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Good news! Laura Wheatley’s two girls Everly and Georgia are back to loving their kittens. This time the girls have bribed the little felines with milk. While the kittens are lapping milk they are grabbed and “tamed.” Laura and Zane have dubbed the cat family “cat pigs” because they eat any kind of scrap food.

After a rough bout of stomach flu, Laura and the girls are well and have gone to the bookmobile. Laura says she enjoys reading to the girls and showing them the pictures, too. “They really like to choose their own books,” Laura says.

Jim and Starr Mitchell performed a highly enjoyable service for Steven and Ashley Mitchell. They took granddaughter Gabriella and dog Charlie for an overnight in Promontory. Although Gabby still needs feeding at two to four hour intervals, she was “so good” in between. “When I held Gabby,” Starr relates, “Jim held Charlie, and we were all happy.” Steven and Ashley were really glad to see their daughter when Jim and Starr brought her home.

Boyd Udy is almost through with his latest piece of steel fence. “It was too hot and dry to do it any sooner,” he says. All that is left to complete the work are some gates.

Kris and Boyd enjoyed tending Kynzee Mae on Tuesday evening.

Cleo Petit says there is great value in the quiet of Promontory. She finds pleasure in taking care of her and Gary’s home and driving around to see the countryside.

Winnie Richman attended the primary sacrament program Sunday. “I don’t know when I have enjoyed this type of program more,” she says. All the classes and their teachers performed their parts well. In addition, some of the older children performed individually. A young man played a song on the organ and an older girl played a lovely violin piece.

On Tuesday Winnie and Marriah had a piano lesson without Skylar. Marriah did great.

On Saturday and Sunday the Double S Bar Ranch was visited by deer hunters. On Sunday before church, Clynn’s brother DeLoy Richman and his daughter, Connie, helped Winnie move a bale of hay to the Richman’s three bulls. DeLoy had fun with the loader and did a good job. Then they visited Clynn for awhile.

Winnie gives a huge thanks to son Lyle for coming to the ranch and doing some heavy work around the house on Sunday.


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