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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

We wish Gary Petit another healthy, happy year since his birthday was Sunday. Several family members came to his home to help make it a great day. Russell and Wendy Menlove and sons, Jaden and Braxton, came out, along with a nephew from Salt Lake City. Jim and Starr Michell also came.

Laura Wheatley provided magic markers for Everly and Georgia to decorate their pumpkins. While Laura’s back was turned Georgia also “decorated” the wall. “Not to worry,” Laura says, “the markers were erasable, and didn’t leave any real damage.” The family will get to carve the other four pumpkins just before Halloween.

Zane Wheatley has received more wood to chop up for winter use. He has it all ready to go when he has time.

Boyd Udy is working at weaning calves and doctoring cows. He is also back to checking the fences in the lower pastures for winter use. “There is always some fencing or fixing to do,” he says. He also rode one of his stallion Crocker’s colts up at Monte Cristo last week. This is a big, stout bay horse. It was raining when he saddled up, and the temperature was a cold 17 degrees.

“There has been no snow yet!” Boyd says, “and usually there is.”

Tuesday Clynn and Winnie Richman’s grandchildren, Marriah and Skyler Richman, had piano lessons. They are really coming along on their Christmas recital pieces.

During art Winnie and Carolyn Carter worked hard on their canvasses. Both ladies are excited about finishing soon.

Thursday evening the Richmans were glad to welcome their home teachers Lynn and Nancy Pence. “We love the peace, quiet and privacy of our country home, but we also love visitors and the things we learn from them,” Winnie says.

On Friday Winnie had an early dermatologist appointment. She is very grateful to Steve Peterson for doing morning chores, and Jim and Starr Mitchell for doing evening chores. After the procedure, Winnie was told to keep completely out of the sun until Monday.

Greg and Heather Lott came on Saturday to hunt. While at the ranch they did morning and evening chores.

On Sunday, Lyle Richman and children, Reagen and Brantzen, came to breakfast, did morning chores, watched a video called “The Dog Who Saved Halloween,” and did early evening chores after a spaghetti dinner. Lyle helped put a few things right in the house while the rest of the family watched the video.

Jim and Starr Mitchell received a small rose bush to plant before a hard frost hits. Son Steven was helping a friend redo his yard and several plants had to go. He gave Starr the rose bush. “We will see what it is next year,” Starr says.

Last week Jim and Starr cooked some more pumpkins. They also dehydrated some apples. The apples were so sweet that only cinnamon was used for flavoring.

Jim’s cousin Ross came out for a few days hunting. He bagged a couple of chukars. Jim, Starr and Ross (Gary Petit’s nephew) all went to Gary and Cleo’s to celebrate Gary’s birthday.

Jim and Starr went hunting. Jim got a three-point deer and Starr got a much smaller but 5×6 point buck. “We never get bored,” the Mitchells say. “There is always something to do.”


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