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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Jim and Starr Mitchell drove to Strawberry Reservoir to do some elk hunting last week. Jim got a very nice spike elk. “I don’t know how much he weighed,” Jim says “but he’ll make a lot of dinners!” The Mitchells process their own animals for the freezer.
Starr gives a great big “thank you” to Larry Jensen in Corinne for sharing a bunch of his pumpkins with her. She will have enough for cookies and pies and roasted pumpkins seeds.
First Starr and Jim will clean out all the seeds and stringy stuff (reserving the seeds). Then they will bake the pumkins until tender.
When the pumpkin flesh is tender, they will scoop it out and use it. Meanwhile the seeds will be roasting in the oven.After roasting, the seeds will be stored as a healthy treat on cold nights in front of their fireplace.
The Mitchells also report that granddaughter Gabrielle is doing fine. “Gabby” is now about a month old.
Laura Wheatley reports the biggest doings of last week was pumpkin hunting. Six were bought. Two were small enough for Everly and Georgia to hold on the trip home. “Now they want their pumpkins to hold all the time,” Laura says.
The pumpkins will be carved later.
Boyd Udy was up in the Monte Cristo area again. This time the cows and calves were gathered so the calves could be weaned and shipped back East. “There is no snow yet and usually there is,” Boyd says.
Boyd also reports that Jessie and her family, and Tyrell and his new wife are all good. “Life is good,” he says.
On Monday Winnie received a load of hay from James Bingham.
On Tuesday Winnie loaded the truck with grain and cat food before the weekly piano lessons.  After that Winnie went home, did chores and watering, and prepared dinner for her, Clynn and son Lyle, who came out to unload the grain.
Winnie would like to say “Hi”, to friends at Mountain West Bank. They have another huge pumpkin in their lobby,  raised again by Rose Bowen. It was the third heaviest at Thanksgiving Point weigh-ins. On the way home from the bank, Winnie stopped in to visit sister and brother-in-law Pam and Jack Apodaca for some cookies and a good chat.
Sunday Winnie went to church, choir practice, library and home again. The evenings are getting dark so soon that a nap isn’t possible. Oh well!


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