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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Boyd and Kris Udy drove to Laurel, Mont., an eight-hour, 500-mile trip, to meet their daughter-in-law Aaron and watch as son Tyrell baptized her a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“We are very happy for the couple,” Boyd and Kris say. “She seems to be a really wonderful girl.”

While on the long way up the Udys ran into a snowstorm. Unfortunately it was just a blow-through and quickly over. “Montana is as bad off for moisture as we are,” Boyd says. The ward is about the size of Thatcher-Penrose II Ward and its building is really nice.

Cleo Petit spent Sunday celebrating her birthday with husband Gary and daughter and son-in-law Wendy and Russell Menlove and their two sons, Jaden and Braxton. She fixed them all a good meal. Cleo also had many phone calls during the day. She received cards through the mail on mail days.

Tuesday Winnie, Marriah and Skyler Richman met with Sharon Smith for the kids’ piano lessons.

Winnie and Carolyn Carter made good progress on their paintings. Winnie added the finishing touches to Clynn’s quarter horse stallion, J.J. Tad, for Clynn’s birthday.

Thursday was Carolyn Carter’s birthday so Winnie stopped by with a small cake and card to help celebrate.

Friday evening Winnie baked conference bread for Saturday and Sunday. Conference was great with no interruptions on Saturday and a wonderful visit from Aaron on Sunday. He helped put antifreeze in the Richman’s four tractors, tied up a broken fence, put air in the loader tractor and checked the tire pressure in its other two tires, and, best of all, complemented Winnie on the tastiness of her special bread. He also stayed awhile and talked and gave Winnie another funny story to tell.

Laura Wheatley says the mother cat and her kittens come out once in awhile when the girls are outside. The kittens are now old enough to be afraid of people, so they run away too fast for the girls to catch. However, the Wheatley’s have acquired two little Holstein calves to raise for table meat. They are named “T-Bone” and “Burger.” Everly and Georgia love to help give the calves their bottles and grain rations.


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