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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Laura Wheatley reports a week-long birthday list and big and small parties to go with it. Laura’s birthday was Tuesday; Zane’s birthday was Thursday, and Everly’s was Monday, Oct. 1, but was celebrated Sunday. Zane’s family has one monthly celebration for all birthdays. They all came out to Promontory: Zane’s parents and two sisters and their husbands and families. They had lots of ice cream and cake and presents.

Laura and Zane are trying and hoping to keep their 40 tomato plants alive until all the tomatoes turn red. “It’ll be a close call,” Laura admits. “We’ll try covering them before we give up.”

Cleo Petit reports “nothing out of the ordinary.” The family had one last tomato plant all fenced in, but a deer got to it anyway. “We’ll try again next year,” they say. “We’re just getting things around before the real cold sets in,” Cleo says.

Winnie Richman says “Hi” to classmate Margaret Tommary and friend Jill Rasmussen. Jill is an avid reader of this column.

Marriah and Skyler Richman did great on their piano lessons Tuesday.

Wednesday’s art was unfulfilling since teacher Joyce was very ill. However, some work was done by Winnie and friend Carolyn Carter before heading back home.

Clynn received his new motorized wheelchair on Friday. It has much larger wheels so he can take himself outside with no fear of being thrown or over-turned.

On Saturday morning Winnie had help from Matt Barns with cleaning out the Richman grainery. After the grainery was cleaned, Winnie and Matt drove to the Box Elder Landfill to clean it all out of the trailer. Then they went to McDonald’s for a drive-thru breakfast and a take-home for Clynn.

Saturday night Winnie found the women’s conference on channel 68 on DirecTV. “It was wonderful!” she states.

Winnie attended the linger longer after church Sunday, supplying two dozen homemade brownies.

Starr Mitchell’s mother and brother, Patrick, drove all the way from Illinois to attend the baptism of Gabriella Mitchell. The ordinances were performed in St. Joseph’s church in Ogden. Also in attendance was Ashley’s mother, who flew into Salt Lake City from Arkansas. Both grandmothers wanted to spend plenty of time with “Gabby.” After the big event Starr had lots of food prepared: breads, dinner and desserts. The meal was eaten at Steven and Ashley’s home.

Starr reports her goddaughter Sadie is now driving.


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