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As we see it …

Five members of the city council and one mayor cannot see, hear and be everywhere all the time. That’s why it’s important for the public to let them know what’s going on in the community and what needs to be of concern.

Lately the Tremonton City Council has heard from two different groups of residents, both with different issues in their neighborhood. One group of residents was fed up with the traffic, crime, garbage and speeding from neighboring apartment buildings in their neighborhood. They came to the council with their concerns and the council quickly responded, as did the Tremonton Police Department.

Another group voiced their opposition against a walking trail that would border their backyards. Each time the council has heard these residents’ complaints, they’ve taken it to heart. They act fast and they appreciate the public for coming forward and letting them know. In fact, they encourage it.

The council also recently made a step forward in improving the appearance and zoning of downtown Tremonton, particularly Main Street. Three weeks ago the council approved a motion to allow Tremonton City Manager Shawn Warnke to start the process that will give the city grant money to begin planning improvements along Main Street.

In his application, Warnke outlined several areas in need of help, including architectural improvements, landscaping, zoning and improving unused areas. If awarded the Community Impact Board grant the city will have to match it 1-1 and the money itself won’t be used for actual improvements. The money will instead be used for urban designers to map out a plan for Tremonton City.

The council wants to know from the public what improvements need to be made to Main Street. A public hearing for those ideas will be held in the future.

It’s our rights as citizens to let our city council members know what we want, what we need and what they need to be improving on. Kudos to the Tremonton City Council for listening to the public and for being genuinely interested in what the people of Tremonton City want and need.

They are here to represent every single citizen in Tremonton. If you have something you feel needs to be addressed you have two options. First you can call the city recorder, Darlene Hess, and ask to be put on the agenda. This gives you more time to talk to the council. Or, you can simply show up and talk to the council during public comments but you will be limited to three minutes. Either way the council is there and willing to address you concerns.


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