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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Laura Wheatley reports a disappointment for her and the girls. The mother cat has moved her four baby kittens and the girls can’t play with them.

The Wheatley garden finally has enough red tomatoes to make salsa. “Even though we have 40 plants,” Laura says, “we’ve never been able to gather more than six nice ripe tomatoes at a time. Now it looks like we can.”

The mosquitos have been bad so the kids and Laura have been playing inside. This has helped Laura since she was a little sick all week and could rest.

Tammy Benson from the Golden Spike National Historic Site gives a big “thanks” to Box Elder County Fire Dept., for their help in extinguishing a seven-acre fire on the spike property.

Boyd Udy has been in the Monte Cristo area working with cattle. The calves are being readied for weaning. Boyd says the fall colors are spectacular. “The reds are the reddest I’ve seen in a long time,” he says. He also notes the wasps are terrible. “You sure don’t want to disturb them or they will drive your horse crazy!” He also noticed how dry everything is. “We need a very wet fall and lots of snow all winter,” he comments.

Ken Hight visited Clynn Richman on Monday. He fixed a leaky faucet and diagnosed the problem with Winnie’s favorite chair.

On Tuesday Winnie came away glowing with pride from Marriah and Skyler’s piano lessons. They made good progress on their Christmas recital pieces. On the way home Winnie stopped at daughter Heather Lott’s to learn to shoot and then how to get her gun unlocked and ready to go. Winnie has at least two skunks to kill. “They were eating the cats’ food and I couldn’t have that!” she says. However, the skunks didn’t appear until the next evening. Winnie got one and missed the other. Friday night she shot and killed the other. However, upon finishing chores, Winnie spotted skunk number three. It hasn’t been around since.

On Thursday Winnie went to Dr. Klein’s office for more treatment on her back.

Winnie spent all day Friday canning tomatoes so she would be free to tend Lyle’s children.

Winnie, Reagen and Brantzen Richman went school clothes shopping on Saturday. The day started with breakfast at McDonald’s. After all the clothes were purchased, the threesome ate lunch then went to the Double S Bar Ranch to do chores and go home. Winnie discovered Reagen and Brantzen’s two older sisters were in the “Harvest of Faith” celebration and they wanted to see them perform. Half way to town Brantzen wanted Winnie to call his father to see if Lyle could take him in his semi while he picked up onions. He could, so Winnie and Reagen went to the West Stake Center in Tremonton to watch the telecast of the celebration. “It was a wonderful way to end a wonderful day.” Winnie says.

On Sunday Winnie attended the dedication of the Brigham City Temple telecast at the West Stake Center.

Jim and Starr Mitchell went grouse hunting up Logan Canyon. The birds are in the freezer. Starr reports Logan Canyon was beautiful with its gorgeous leaves and fall colors.

Jim and Starr watched some skunks doing damage to their grass and digging along their walkway. Those skunks are dead, but more are expected.

Gary and Cleo Petit also shot some skunks.


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