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Youth celebrate “Harvest of Faith”

Cari Doutre

Leader Correspondent

It took months of planning, hundreds of volunteers and 3,800 youth to put together a celebration worthy of a temple dedication.

On Saturday, Sept. 22, youth from as far north as Malad and as far south as Willard, and everywhere in between, honored the rich heritage of Box Elder County and southeastern Idaho. The 90  minute long celebration was held on the Box Elder High School football field.

Starting with the earliest heritage, the celebration featured music, dancing and costumes representing the Shoshone tribe. The tribe themselves worked closely with organizers of the celebration to make sure the depiction was accurate.

“The Shoshone really wanted it be authentic. They lent us the music and taught an authentic dance and costume,” said Beverly Yates. “They’ve been wonderful.”

Yates was in charge of the entire celebration and has been working steadfastly since the beginning of April to make the celebration what it was. Early on in the process she, along with a group of others asked to help, decided to concentrate on nine different areas that would best represent Box Elder County.

For more on this story pick up a copy of this week’s Leader. Also check out our youtube video of the celebration.


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