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Test a Success


Cari Doutre

Leader Correspondent

Thursday’s GEM-60 solid motor rocket test went off without a hitch at ATK’s Aerospace facility in Promontory.

ATK employees, military personnel and the media watched from a viewing site as the 90-second long test produced a maximum thrust of approximately 270,000 pounds. The 60-inch in diameter and 53-foot long graphite epoxy motor was made at the Promontory site. The motor was first cooled to 30 degrees then brought outside the day before. The purpose of the test was to see if the GEM-60 fixed nozzle qualification could work during cold temperatures.

The motor is a strap-on booster that was developed by ATK in 2000. It was designed to increase the payload-to-orbit capability of the Delta IV Medium launch vehicle. ATK last performed a test in May.


Leader/Cari Doutre

This GEM-60 solid rocket motor was successfully tested Thursday after in Promontoy.


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