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Local actors perform in Logan

Special to the Leader

Many Bear River Valley high school students have had the unique opportunity to join with a performing group based out of Logan, to perform the Broadway classic “Les Miserable – High School Edition” this summer.  The production is set for Sept. 6-15, at Ellen Eccles Theatre.  Show times are 7:30 p.m., with a matinee on Sept. 8, at 2:30 p.m.

Several of the lead parts in this epic musical are played by students and recent graduates of Bear River High School.  All of the lead parts are double-cast, allowing for more students to have opportunities to perform.  Brady Stuart will be performing as Javert, the ever-vigilant and ruthlessly devoted inspector, bound by his sense of duty to the law to bring Valjean back in line with justice.

Thenardier, played by both Gavin Harris and Jordon Spackman, is the innkeeper who is “everybody’s bosom friend” but is not the honest, upstanding man he claims to be.

Cosette, the demure and hopelessly in love, adopted-daughter of Valjean, will be played by Abby Payne.

Rounding out the Bear River stars is Eli Burrell as everyone’s favorite little spy and go-to kid, Gavroche.

While both casts carry the same amount of astonishing talent and amazing performers, for scheduling and convenience sake, Brady and Jordon are in what is known as cast A and Gavin and Abby are in cast B.  Cast A will be performing on opening night Sept. 6, Sept. 8, in the evening, 11, 12, and 14.  Cast B will performing on Sept. 7, Sept. 8 for matinee, 10, 13, and closing night Sept. 15.  No matter what performance, the Bear River laced casts of “Les Miserable High School Edition” are sure to impress all audiences.

Courtesy Photo

The love triangle, from left, Marius (Conner Blankman, Mountain Crest), Cosette (Abby Payne, Bear River High School graduate) and Eponine (Katie Ditton, Mountain Crest junior).


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