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Promontory Pointers


Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

The news from Orson and Jeannette Poulsen shows they are not only busy, but able to take in the conditions around them. Orson reports the weather is hot and dry. Since the farmers in the Nauvoo area don’t irrigate their corn, it is drying up and dying. So is the usually green grass. Orson says, “If it doesn’t rain, the grass and crops don’t grow.”

Various groups of performers come to Nauvoo during the summers. Their presentations are all well attended. The groups have several different venues where they perform. There is even a troop of professional actors who present the Nauvoo pageant Tuesdays through Saturdays in the evening.

Orson is in his element with wagon rides. Their rides are always full of riders. However, as the summer winds down and the hustle and bustle gets less, the performers leave and the performing missionaries pack up also for the winter. Orson says, “Now we go back to slower pace with a little more free time (so we can take a nap now and then!)”

Laura, Zane, Everly and Georgia Wheatley attended a party at Zane’s grandparents home. Fae and Jay Norr live in Deweyville. There was water to play in and games to play. The Norr’s gave out gold medals to all the children for being such great grandkids. They also gave out lots of treat s. Everyone had fun. Laura and Zane saw lots of people they hadn’t visited with for a while.

Starr Mitchell reports picking blackberries at a friends house and making jam and a delicious pie from them. She is riding her bike early in the mornings to get exercise, keep cool, and avoid deer flies. She has one more book to finish before returning the several books to the Bookmobile.

Boyd Udy ways, “It’s a good life; al has been good lately.” He is early awaiting the Box Elder County Fair and Rodeo.

Winnie Richman says “Thanks” to Dr. Keller and the staff at Brigham Medical Clinic for a successful visit.

Clynn and Winnie are enjoying hearing about grandsons Colton and Caden Lott’s first venture away from home in Phoenix, Ariz.

Clynn thanks Dr. Richard Jensen for his excellent work on Clynn’s teeth.

On Thursday Heather Lott came to the Double S Bar Ranch to visit with Clynn and bring in a bushel of beans for Winnie. She also did chores and some of the watering before Winnie arrived home.

Winnie picked up her beans in Layton at Roberts Farms and canned 38 pints. The beans were beautiful. Winnie would also like to thank DeLoy, Belva and Connie Richman for showing her the way to Roberts Farms. Winnie Also picked up four huge red ripe tomatoes to eat fresh, stuffed with cottage cheese.

Winnie took Marriah, Zach and Skyler school clothes shopping. After a successful hunt, the foursome ate lunch at the Golden Corral. All enjoyed several pieces of dessert dipped in the chocolate fountain.

In addition to chores and canning beans, Winnie prepared for the Promontory Community Display. She thanks Doris Larsen and Laura Wheatley for their generous help.


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