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FAIR RESULTS: Rabbits and Birds

Open Chickens:

Champion Large – Auston Riddle

Reserve Champion Large – Auston Riddle

Champion Bantam – Dusty Dansie

Reserve Champion Bantam – JR Hinck

Champion Bantam Trio – Brad Hoggan

Reserve Champion Bantam Trio – Brad Hoggan

Champion Bird of Show – Dusty Densie

Reserve Champion Bird of Show – Auston Riddle

Champion Large Trio – Auston Riddle

Reserve Champion Large Trio – Gerald Roskelley


Open Ducks:

Champion Duck – Sommer Reeder

Reserve Champion Duck – Taylor Nelson


Open Pigeons:

Champion Bird of Show – Ruger Scott

1st Runner Up – Kristie Noyes

2nd Runner Up – Linda Earl

3rd Runner Up – Bob Belew

Champion Fancy – Bob Belew

Reserve Champion Fancy – Linda Earl

Champion Performer – Colt Boydston

Reserve Champion Performer – Bob Belew

Champion Best Pair – Bob Belew

Reserve Champion Best Pair – Linda Earl


4H Chickens:

Champion Best of Show – Aleksia Nielsen

Reserve Champion Best of Show – Sheldon Howe

Champion Bantam – Sheldon Howe

Reserve Champion Bantam – Carson Howe

Champion Bantam Trio – Sabastian Tapia

Reserve Champion Bantam Trio – Adriana Tapia

Champion Old English – Jared Taylor

Reserve Champion Old English – Nicholas Picardo

Champion Large Fowl – Aleksia Nielsen

Reserve Champion Large Fowl – Logan Ales

Champion Large Trio – Wyatt Shaffer

Reserve Champion Large Trio – Garrett Barton

Grand Champion Pair – Sheldon Howe

Reserve Grand Champion Pair – Aleksia Nielsen


4H Pigeons:

Champion Bird of Show – Dylan Anderson

Reserve Champion Bird of Show – Cody Noyes

Champion Fancy – Bailey Noyes

Reserve Champion Fancy – Morgan Noyes

Champion Performer – Sheldon Howe

Reserve Champion Performer – Dylan Anderson

Champion Best Pair – Dylan Anderson

Reserve Champion Best Pair – Nicholas Picardo


4H Chicken Dress-up Winners

1st – Aleksia Nielsen – Red Riding Hood

2nd – Sabastian Tapia – Rockstar

3rd – Heath Norman – Doctor

4th – Jason Peterson – Baseball Player


Chicken Showmanship Winners:


1st – Nicholas Picardo

2nd – Jason Peterson

3rd – Megan Boone


Clover Bud

1st – Jared Taylor

2nd – Tyler Boone

3rd – Logan Ales


Open Rabbits:

Best of Breed:

New Zealand – Kristy Noyes

Satin – Kristy Noyes

Californian – Holly Felshaw

Mini Lop – Linda Earl

Holland Lop – Jessica Potter

Dutch – Jerry Gregory

Mini Rex – Damien Olsen

Netherland Dwarf – Bob Belew

Fuzzy Lop – Aubrie Nielsen

Standard Rex – Debbie Norman

Best in Show – Linda Earl

1st Runner Up – Bob Belew

2nd Runner Up – Jerry Gregory

Plaques – Jersey Wooly – Elizabeth Wilkinson

Best Doe & Litter – Linda Earl


4H Rabbits:

Breed:   Best of Breed   Best of Show Breed

Standard Rex   Logan Ales   Jacey Norman

New Zealand   Clayton Garza

Californian   Lillie Swallow

Satin   Morgan Noyes   Isaac Southwick

Mini Lop   Maren Barton   Maren Barton

Mini Rex   Nicholas Picardo   Heath Norman

Dutch    Jessica Webb  Breann Bitner

Netherland Dwarf   Adriana Tapia   Cody Noyes

Holland Lop   Tyson Hewlett   Tyson Hewlett

X-Bred Kendra Swallow

Best of Show – Nicholas Picardo, 1st Runner Up – Maren Barton, 2nd Runner Up – Tyson Hewlett


Senior – Cody Noyes, Interm- Isaac Southwick, Junior – Jessica Webb, Colverbud – Ryan Pace

Overall Winner – Cody Noyes


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