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Jessica Tanner

Leader Assistant Editor

Tremonton City personnel began painting “Look” signs at major crosswalks throughout the city last week. They are also working on adding ladder stripes to busy crosswalks in an attempt to make the streets safer for pedestrians and to help bring awareness before school starts.

Tremonton City Public Works Director Paul Fulgham said the state has promised to do something in order to make Main Street safer for drivers and pedestrians, but nothing has happened yet. The city will follow up to see what the state is attempting but until then they have taken matters into their own hands.

Although Tremonton City does not own Main Street, the state has allowed them to add the signs near their crosswalks. Fulgham said he got the idea while in Salt Lake City because such signs are everywhere.

The city is also adding laddering to the major crosswalks they own around the schools, several churches, areas along Tremont Street, the library and post office, along with other areas that see a high level of pedestrian traffic. Fulgham said, “We are doing this on all of our crosswalks to make them pop out a little bit better.”

The Look signs have been painted in red lettering on white blocks or in black on white blocks.

“This is all trial and error,” he said. “We will do anything we can to help bring more awareness. We just want to remind people, both pedestrians and drivers, to pay more attention. People need to be more aware of what they are doing.”

Leader/Jessica Tanner

Look signs and ladder stripes have been added to many crosswalks throughout Tremonton in order to make everyone more aware of their surroundings.


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