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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Laura and Zane Wheatley put grass on their yard. ┬áThe family also took and evening drive down Promontory Road to look for deer. They saw some baby deer with spots and a doe with triplets. “We don’t have many deer up our way,” Laura says.

Zane received some wood to chop for winter fires. “I’ll wait until it cools off some before I start chopping,” he said.

Jim and Starr Mitchell’s calves are doing real good. Jim finished getting his hay. “It should last until late next spring,” he said.

the couple spent some time with son and daughter-in-law, Steven and Ashley Mitchell. The foursome had a bar-b-que dinner and played some horseshoes.

Starr reports enjoying her books from the bookmobile. She also says her mother back in Antioch, Illinois, is doing well healthwise and weatherwise.

Boyd Udy says son Tyrell got off on his trip to Montana ok. “We haven’t heard from him yet, but he’ll figure it out,” Boyd says. “He’s a good kid.” Boyd is still fencing a little. Horses are ridable, but they get hot and out of sorts, too. Boyd is also repairing sprinkler lines around his yard.

On Tuesday Winnie Richman, April, Brittney and Jayden, Marriah, Zach and Skyler went to the movies to see “Brave”. After, they all went for lunch. After that Winnie , Marriah and Skyler drove to piano lessons.

Wednesday was the regular art day for Winnie, CArolyn CArter, Zach and Skyler. Skyler will let his dry so he can get it sprayed next week.

Winnie has been asked to decorate a Promontory Community booth for the Box Elder County Fair this year. She is getting lots of help from Laura Wheatley and Doris Larsen.

On Sunday Winnie celebrated the beginning of her seventh decade. She got home and found Greg and Heather Lott and Lyle Richman down a dry well at one of the Richman pieces of land that they had intended to use for extra grazing for their cows and calves. No water, no grazing this year! Son AAron and grandson Skyler also came out to wish Winnie a happy birthday.


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