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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

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Laura Wheatley reports being “too hot!” She, Everly and Georgia have been going on hikes around their property and the shoulders of the road nearby to find animal footprints. “We mostly see bull tracks, deer tracks and sometimes crow and a few other bird tracks. It is educational and good exercise at the same time,” she says.

The Wheatley garden is doing better now that most of the weeds are pulled out.

Laura and her mom and several other ladies, including two lady missionaries worked on 27 dresses for the Brigham City Temple celebration on Friday. Some of the ladies sewed, some ironed and some prepared the pieced work for the next lady in the process. It was a neat job and brought to mind the adage: “Many hands make light work.”

Jim and Starr Mitchell harvested several ears of sweet corn from their garden. “This year we beat the raccoons to the corn,” Starr says. The couple intended to cover their hay, but saw a badger, maybe two. The second animal was quite a bit darker than the first and was being chased by the first. The second animal turned out to be a skunk and dived under the hay, which was on pallets. “We’ll wait awhile to cover the hay,” Jim says.

Starr enjoyed being at the bookmobile in Harper Ward for awhile. “I can read during the day while it’s hot,” she says.

Boyd Udy is working on a new piece of fence. This piece also needs welding, so he is doing it near to water – just in case. It may be painted for good looks later on. “You just got to enjoy what you’re doing, and I do,” Boyd explains.

Cleo and Gary Petit drove to Brigham City to enjoy a little line dancing. They took Starr along as far as the Harper Ward bookmobile. She spent over an hour enjoying the books while Cleo went on to Brigham to line dance.

Winnie Richman says, “Hi,” to Joycle Poulsen-Smith, a long-time former resident of Promontory. Joycle called Winnie for a friendly chat.

On Tuesday Clynn and Winnie visited Dr. Keller at his office for a check up. All went well. Since Clynn and Winnie were too late to get Clynn home and get Winnie back to town for Marriah and Skyler’s piano lessons, the pair ate lunch in town, rested, then picked up the kids. Clynn stayed in the car and enjoyed talking to first Skyler then Marriah while he waited for the lessons to be over.

On Wednesday Winnie drove down to South Salt Lake on Redwood Road to dear friend, Kaye Draper’s funeral. All went well.

On Friday Winnie received an interesting phone call from a junior at Princeton University in New Jersey. His name is Ballard Metcalfe. He and his partner, Christine Chen, asked for permission to go onto the Richman property to do a study on the height of Old Lake Bonneville. It will involve checking the altitude of various geologic features connected to the old lake, such as high water marks and the presence of alluvial fans. More on this later!

On Saturday Clynn and Winnie enjoyed watching horse racing on TV.

Sunday evening Promontory experienced terrible weird guests coming directly from the west. “Thank goodness the storm blew through quickly,” Clynn says.


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