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The perfect family getaway – Green Arrow Winners

Jessica Tanner

Leader Assistant Editor

Randy and Sharrie Nelson have spent the past 36 years working together in their yard to form a beautiful family getaway where they can enjoy nature, cookouts and sleepovers in their own mini cabin. Her hatred for weeds and his need to keep things tidy have helped them maintain a yard perfect for those gatherings.

When the Nelsons, 10040 N. 11600 W., in Thatcher, heard they had been selected as the Leader residence Green Arrow Award recipients, Sharrie said she was sad she had just cut back all her delphiniums. She begged Randy to till and edge their yard in order to prep for pictures.  He reluctantly agreed.

Both Randy and Sharrie gained a love for working at a young age. When asked about their role in the yard, Randy said, “It won’t take you long to tell you my role. I just do the mowing and I do what I am told.”

Sharrie added, “He does all the edging and keeps the sprinklers going. He does all the fertilizing, keeps the weeds and dirt down and keeps it all nice.” Sharrie is in charge of planting, weeding, helping mow and coming up with ideas for Randy to build on.

In order to keep their grass green and luscious, they pump water from the canal, which is inexpensive but the water is dirty so they use filters.

During the spring and fall they work longer hours. In the summer, Sharrie has time off from being a school teacher, and spends about three hours each morning weeding, cutting things back and thinning when necessary.

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