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Weed Prompts State Petition


Ellen Cook

Leader Editor

Nothing is more undesirable and harder to control than weeds.  But Box Elder County is taking a stand against an invading plant that is cropping up – the Rush skeletonweed – and plans to petition the state of Utah to identify it on the list of noxious weeds.

Bill Gilson, Road Supervisor, said pockets of Rush skeltonweed have been located on the Promontory Mountains and a dense 100-acre patch has taken over private grazing ground there.

“Rush skeltonweed is a difficult plant to control and kill,” Gilson said.  “It is of no value to livestock or wildlife and competes with native feed.”

He said making a concentrated effort to control Rush skeltonweed now should help curtail its spread.  A grant in the amount of $16,000 is tagged to help with that control next year.

Both Commissioners Brian Shaffer and LuAnn Adams recently took a weed tour with county, state and federal officials and were able to view the weed and its effect on vegetation.

“It is not everywhere,” Adams stated, “not like we have Dyer’s Woad, so if we can get on it now, that would be great for the county.”

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