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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Available online at www.tremontonleader.com


A group of college students and their instructor come out to learn about Medushead Rye on Boyd Udy’s ranch. It was only a small spot, but it will still be sprayed. This patch was a good example of the weed and easily accessible to weed control sprayers. Boyd says he is proud of the conservation district for coming out and really investigating the weed situation, then doing something about it. The department is headed up by Clint Hill.

Boyd says he is enjoying the slightly cooler weather. He doesn’t like to ride in the heat.

Cleo Petit says her and husband Gary’s garden isn’t doing too good in this heat. “We’ll just keep tending it along with watering and weed control and see what happens,” she says. Staying out of the heat is a top priority with the Petits.

Jim and Starr Mitchell are just working around their house during the day and outside in the early mornings and late evenings to avoid the worst of the heat. Starr points out that a tomato blossom will not set if the temperature is too hot. Fruit already started will do all right and keep growing. They haven’t done any fishing, but are looking forward to the bookmobile next week.

Mikell Keetch, daughter of Chet and Jill Keetch, placed first attendant in the Bear River City Mini-Miss Rodeo Royalty for the 24th of July. Her proud parents say she really is happy.

Laura Wheatley and daughters joined Laura’s friend from college and her children for a swim in the Brigham City pool. They all had fun.

Zane Wheatley went with his dad and uncle hang gliding in Idaho. Zane’s uncle got up but then the weather did not cooperate and it wasn’t safe to continue for the others. They are all looking forward to their next trip, hopefully closer to home.

Clynn and Winnie thank Steve Peterson and Jim and Starr Mitchell for all their help in making travel possible for Clynn.

On Tuesday, Winnie picked up a bag of grain for the few horses in corrals on the home place. She then invited son Lyle to come unload and eat dinner with Clynn and her. Aaron and Shawn were also out to help but refused to eat.

On Wednesday, Winnie missed art to get ready for April’s birthday dinner at Maddox Ranch House. It was a fun occasion for Winnie, April, Aaron, Marriah, Zacharie, Skyler, Carolyn Carter and Lyle, Reagen and Brantzen.

On Saturday, Winnie received a call from Rick Mitton in Plymouth. He is training a Double S Bar horse for Dan Keetch. This horse needed some pictures taken of it for AQHA registration. Winnie hopped into her car, drove to Plymouth, took the pictures and then drove down to Brigham City to get them developed at Walmart.

On Sunday, Winnie had a lovely choir practice with friends under the able conducting abilities of Carol Larsen. All are getting ready for the August performance of “Dearest Children, God is near You.” Then it was home, chores, dinner and bed for Clynn and Winnie.


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