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Promontory Pointers

Boyd Udy “just stayed home” last week. While he was home doing regular work around the ranch, he also rode some of his older horses to get them “broke” a little better. He actually wanted them to respond to his cues (training signals) a little faster and more perfectly. “You can do this with older horses,” he says, “but you don’t want to put the pressure on the younger colts. These older horses are coming along.”
Laura, Zane, Everly and Georgia Wheatley drove up to Lewiston last week to the Lewiston Library. They met Laura’s sister-in-law Maquel and daughter Mia. The Willow Park Zoo from Logan brought some birds and  a snake for library patrons to see. Everly got to touch the sane, but wasn’t too scared. Afterward they all went to Maquel’s where the children played in a plastic swimming pool.
Laura and Zane and girls went to collect some granite for kitchen counter-tops during the week on one of the hottest days. It was thick and very heavy. They had to drag it into the trailer to bring it home. The girls were kept hydrated with bottled water. “We were hot and dirty and glad to be home,’ Laura says. “The girls were very good during all of this.”
Zane and Laura would like to say “Thank you” to Todd Bingham. He is a very good home teacher to Zane’s parents, Dave and Jannie Wheatley.
Jim and Starr Mitchell report that other than chores, Starr put up a couple of batches of strawberry jam. She also made a cherry pie from the Mitchell’s very own cherry tree. “There would have been enough cherries for two pies,” Starr says, “but the birds got there first and took more than half of what we had.”
The Mitchell’s went to the Corinne Pageant on Friday night with Steven and Ashley Mitchell and dog, Charlie. “I have wanted to go forever,” Starr says. “This year it just worked out.”
“It was so fun,” Jim says. “I liked the peach cobbler best.” Starr ended by saying, “I like history with comedy mixed in.”
Cleo and Gary Petit are mostly at home tending their garden of tomatoes and beets and keeping cool.
Kaye Draper is back in the hospital with a bad infection.
“Done, done-done, done,” Winnie Richman exultantly sang in her best off-key rendition of the Dragnet theme. “Done, done-done, done, DONE!” She is now finished with her first seasonal plowing and, due to the rain, has only a few touch up spots to replow.
On Wednesday Winnie finished and signed another 8×10 canvas and prepared two new canvasses to begin the week of her next lesson. Carolyn Carter made great progress on her 16×20 art work, and Skyler and Zach Richman each made great progress on their projects.
Winnie gives grateful thanks to Aaron and April Richman for their help at the ranch on Friday. The tractor is now ready to use in case it is needed for fires. Winnie has plowed fire breaks near her home and down in the fields.


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