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The Roaming Gnome

Jessica Tanner

Leader Assistant Editor

Dean and Janet Selman of Tremonton purchased a garden gnome about seven years ago. Since then, he has rested quietly in the flowerbed near their front door and never went anywhere. Until now.

One day when the Selmans returned home from church. they found a letter, in the shape of an airplane addressed to the Selmans from:  The Gnome.  The note said “Sorry to leave, but friends came by, gone on vacation! Will be back soon. I’ll write also. Love, your Gnome.”

Sure enough Gnome was gone.

A neighbor boy came by their house shortly after with a badge looking to investigate the situation. Dean told him, “I don’t think it was kidnapping, I think it was voluntary.”

A few days later they received a letter in the mail. Inside was a picture of their gnome on the Sinclair dinosaur with writing, “On my way! Wish you were here. Love, Gnome.”

Next they found a card tied to their paper box with a toy flower: The card had a photo and read, “Having fun! Willow Park, Logan Temple and Olive Garden. Disappointed in Olive Garden – it’s a place to eat not a garden of olives. Oh well, off to more adventures! Gnome.”

Their gnome kept in contact by writing letters and sending pictures over the next two weeks.

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