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Keeping It Simple

Togetherness counts for this Thatcher family

Leader/Ellen Cook
The Kaiserman family of Thatcher, which includes Mom, Wendy, Dad, John, Kaitlin, 18, and Kassidy, nearly 16, likes to keep life as simple as possible.  Time spent together is the best time there is, they say, even if it’s hauling  a semi load down the road.

Ellen Cook
Leader Editor

Editor’s note:  Everyone has a story to tell.  The Leader wants to tell those stories through this monthly feature titled “Bios of Bear River.”  Each month we will feature a Valley resident chosen randomly from the phone book.  We hope you enjoy reading about your friends and neighbors – and be ready, yours might be the next number we call.

There is nothing fancy or fake about the Kaisermans.  With this Thatcher family, what you see is what you get.  And what you get is a family who simply enjoys each other’s company. They have supported each other through some difficult times and cheered for each other when times were better.
John Kaiserman, who heads this family of four, is noticeably outnumbered as the only thorn among his three roses – wife, Wendy, and daughters, Kaitlin, 18, and Kassidy, nearly 16, – but he wouldn’t have it any other way.  Nor would they.   Being together is what counts.
John and Wendy first formed this togetherness while the two were in Logan – John as a student at Utah State University and Wendy working at Logan Regional Hospital.  They were introduced by mutual friends and hit it off right away.  Both came from a small town background.  Wendy was raised in Bothwell and John in Kaysville (it was much smaller back then, he said).
The two were married and began life together in Fallon, Nev.  From there they moved to Oregon.  But the lack of work in that state brought the family back to Wendy’s roots.  They settled down in Thatcher. John decided to make a full-time job out of his part-time business.  He became a farrier.  Having put himself though school shoeing horses, he felt he could make a good living off the hoof.
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