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Woman attempts suicide after court visit

Ellen Cook
Leader Editor

A woman is in the Box Elder County jail after she apparently sliced her wrists while in a holding cell at the Justice Court in Brigham City on Wednesday afternoon.
Teresa Brown, 53, received stitches at the Brigham City Community Hospital after allegedly cutting herself with a razor blade while awaiting sentencing by Judge Kevin Christensen.
Chief Deputy Sheriff Kevin Potter said Brown had come to the court Wednesday to face the judge. After hearing her case, Christensen ordered the bailiff to take Brown into custody on theft charges. Brown was put into the holding cell with her hands cuffed behind her back until the judge was ready to call her back into court for sentencing.
Guards kept an eye on the prisoner during her time in the cell, which was less than ten minutes, Potter said, and one of them became suspicious after noticing a dark spot on the floor under Brown’s chair. Brown was taken by ambulance to the hospital just before 4 p.m., where her wounds were treated.
It is unknown how Brown was able to bring the blade into the building, Potter said, as she had to pass through a security check and metal detector, and was subjected to a search by the bailiff when she was taken into custody. The woman has been known to hide items under her tongue in the past, he added, and further investigation is underway to determine if that was the case in this incident.


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