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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent
Available online at www.tremontonleader.com

Kaye Draper is out of the hospital! She is staying temporarily with Carolyn and Bill Bolton in West Valley City. “I’ll be so glad to get back home,” she says.
Jim and Starr Mitchell sent Charlie the dog home. “He really loved to be out here,” Starr says, “but he was real happy to see his owners, Steven and Ashley Mitchell.”
Jim, Al and Kurt went to do some catch and release fishing on the Weber River. They caught some very nice brown trout.
The Mitchells have gotten five harvests of peas. They think the vines should begin to die soon. Jim also hauled a truckload of small bales for their young calves.
Laura, Zane, Everly and Georgia Wheatley drove up to Nampa, Idaho for a family reunion, Friday morning to Saturday night. The last half hour on the ride up they all sang “Old McDonald had a Farm” to keep Georgia from crying. The actual party was held at a big church house. All the grandchildren were given bread to feed the ducks at a nearby pond.
Cleo and Gary Petit drove to Seely Lake, Mont., for fishing. They stayed with friends Vera and Dee Mahoney. On the way home, the Petits came down to Alder, Mont., for a few days. Gary and Cleo managed to catch and release many fish and also brought some home. They traveled over 1000 miles.
Boyd Udy is NOT enjoying the hotter weather! Everything is good at the ranch and in town. He helped Kris hook up her washer and dryer recently.
El O’Driscoll helped Winnie round up and sort the Richman herd on Saturday. All the mares and colts are now on the mountain pasture. The young yearlings are in the corral with their father. There seems to be peace on the home place, thanks to El.
On Tuesday morning during the wind gusts the Richman garage blew down. It came to rest at such an angle that son Aaron Richman feared it wouldn’t stop where it was. He took the loader tractor and leveled it to keep it from blowing any further.
Wednesday Zach and Skyler Richman accompanied grandmothers, Carolyn Carter and Winnie Richman, to art for their first lesson of the summer.
Thursday was Skyler’s birthday. Winne drove in to his house for cake and ice cream. She took a piece of cake to Clynn.
On Friday Winnie plowed round after round. “It’s a big piece, so I measure progress by hours left to do (estimated) instead of rounds done,” she says.
Saturday morning El O’Driscoll go the horses out of winter pasture and into the corral. Son Aaron came with Zach and Skyler to help sort, but it was too dangerous for the boys. One horse outsmarted the horse and rider, one truck, and one tractor, but being all alone brought her back the following day. Winnie let her in easily.
Sunday was quiet with only choir practice and regular block meetings. Carol Larsen is surely a gifted choir director. The choir sang during Sacrament meeting.


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