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Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Boyd Udy reports working hard on the ranch to get rid of a very noxious weed called Medusa head rye. He sprayed it then burned it, then hoped it was gone. “It is worse than Dyer’s woad,” He says. “As it grows it forms a thick mat of growth. This mat lasts through seasons accumulating into a mat that chokes every other vegetation out. The other bad thing is that animals don’t eat it.”
Jim and Starr Mitchell again drove to the Smithfield Livestock Auction on Thursday. This time they bought three little calves called bottle calves. They will raise them to maturity and use them for table meat.

Starr reports being able to see their corn plants peeking through the soil in their garden. Their peas are about eight or nine inches tall. “We hope to have some to harvest in a couple of months,” she says.
Laura Wheatley and daughters drove to her sister’s home just to play with cousins. The girls were worn out and slept all the way home. Zane Wheatley, Steve Peterson and El O’Driscoll drove to Corinne to cut firewood. Zane reports being worn out, too.
Cleo Petit reports doing a little bit of line dancing lately. She and Gary have their garden ready to plant. “We now just need to do it,” Cleo says.

Kaye Draper reports she has had, for the first time in a long time, a very boring week. “I have just played bingo and gone to West Valley City after church,” she says.
On Monday Winnie Richman hooked the fifth-wheel trailer onto the truck and called Jim and Starr Mitchell to help load the Double S Bar bulls for their annual trip to the veterinarian. All Jim did was tell the bulls to load and crack the whip and in they went. “I wish the bulls would be that good for me,” Winnie says.
Winnie added the finishing highlights to her latest canvas at art Wednesday. She tried to start another one, but there was a tiny hole that her teacher said could be repaired by next week.
When Winnie drove into the pasture to check the animals she discovered a cute new colt running with its mother. It will be named Tad’s Madeleine Muchacho in honor of Winnie’s Aunt Madeleine, whose birthday was that day.


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