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Exchanging Cultures

Courtesy Photo
Yusaku Kanayama and Kanta Tsuge, both exchange students from Japan, spent time recently with families in Honeyville.  A highlight of their stay was a visit to the Honeyville Fire Station where they were able to don uniforms and man a fire engine.

This spells ‘Honeyville’ in Japanese.

Ellen Cook
Leader Editor

The rural community of Honeyville is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of big city living in Japan.  But a couple of Japanese youngsters got a small taste of rural living when they recently visited Honeyville as part of an exchange program.
Kanta Tsuge, 12, of Nagoya, Japan, spent two weeks with the family of Larry and Lainie  Pilarcyzk as an exchange student through the Premium International Exchange program.  Yusaku Kanayama of Hyogo, Japan, was able to divide his time between the Jeff Ringstad family and a family in Brigham City.
Although Yusaku had some grasp of the language, Kanta spoke almost no English when he arrived, Lainie said.  But with the help of hand signals, a lot of pointing and an electronic translator, language wasn’t much of an issue and he picked up quite a few new English words – especially when he found “Scooby-Doo,” on television.

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