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Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Zane Wheatley chopped firewood to last until the weather gets warmer. Laura and the girls spent some time in Collinston where Everly and Georgia got to hang out with some of their cousins. During the time they were there, Everly got to ride a tricycle. “She thinks that is really cool,” Laura says.
Boyd Udy is helping brand calves. There are around 600 of them. “We rope them all,” Boyd says, “and bring them to the fire. While there we give them their shots and doctor them.” After the branding all will be checked over, including the cows, and will be turned out to pasture.

Kaye Draper is feeling much better but is still taking her medications. She had a big week for playing bingo. On Friday she and friends went to the Arctic Circle for supper before playing bingo. She had her hair done, watched conference, did her visiting teaching and drove out to West Valley City to the home of her sister-in-law for dinner and cards on Sunday.
Cleo Petit has not been line dancing for a while. “I miss the exercise,” she says. She and Gary have not put their garden in yet, but it is all ready to do. “We just need time,” Cleo says. Both she and Gary are getting ready for their big family Easter egg hunt. They expect a pretty good bunch of people.
Winnie Richman stayed home Monday during the terrible wind and rain. Tuesday Winnie drove carefully into the pasture to check the horses and heifers and didn’t even need four-wheel drive. “It should have been at least a little soft,” she observes. “We really need days and days of rain!”
On Wednesday Winnie and Carolyn Carter drove to art where Winnie did an unusual thing (for her). She made a schematic drawing, copied the whole background onto the canvas with oil, and set it aside to dry so she could put her cows and calves on next week as the finishing touches. “I rarely do a canvas from start to finish in three weeks,” she says.

On Thursday Heather Lott came to the Double S Bar to off-load some grain, cat food and some fencing supplies for Clynn. She stayed to chat for awhile.
On Friday Clynn helped Winnie chop cherries and walnuts for Winnie’s good Conference bread. She baked the bread stuffed with these ingredients in the evening.
Saturday and Sunday were spent in front of their TV watching LDS conference and eating the yummy bread.
Later that afternoon Aaron, April, Marriah, Zach and Skyler Richman came out to feed all the horses, cows and calves in the pasture while Winnie drove the truck and talked to April. All also helped with chores.


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