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Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Laura Wheatley took Everly and Georgia to the park near the library in Tremonton last week. All three Wheatleys played for nearly four hours before going into the library to read books for nearly an hour. All had a great time, Laura says.

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Boyd Udy’s family cutter teams all won trophies in their divisions this past weekend. Boyd says all retired for the season in good health – no injuries and soundness.
“That is the best thing and enjoying the game,” Boyd says. “Friendships were cemented and family bonds were strengthened.”
On Sunday, March 18, Kaye Draper and her ward choir performed “I Believe in Christ” for the Sacrament program.
She drove out to West Valley City for dinner and cards later that day. She would like to say, “thank you” to all who helped her through her recent illness.
Jim and Starr Mitchell cooked a “store-bought” turkey for son, Steven, and daughter-in-law, Ashley. Lots of other food was served, too. Cleo and Gary Petit were present for the get-together.
Marriah and Skyler Richman played piano pieces for Grandpa Clynn over the cell phone Tuesday. They did really well.
Winnie Richman and Carolyn Carter had success at art class Wednesday. Carolyn chose a stream with a water wheel for her painting. Winnie will try one with cows and calves.
Aaron and April Richman came out on Friday to help feed the cows and calves down the road and the horses in the winter pasture east of the house and barns. Winnie and April enjoyed talking and driving and Aaron pushed the hay off the wagon.
Saturday was Heather Lott’s birthday. Winnie, Lyle, Reagen and Brantzen joined her for a birthday breakfast at JC’s Diner.


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