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Rural Routes – Promontory


Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent
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Laura Wheatley, her husband and children enjoyed a party at Zane’s sisters in Ogden on Friday. “It was just a little get-together,” Laura says. “We just had dinner and hung out.”
For the Super Bowl on Sunday the Wheatley couple and Everly and Georgia went to Zane’s parent’s home. Laura reports quite honestly, “I didn’t care who won just so I got some of the guacamole. The party was a success!” Zane also cut more wood for the fireplace. Laura says she is doing some work from her home on her computer. “It is a nice little extra income.”
Orson participated in a Klondike Derby with seven scouts on Friday and Saturday. They camped overnight at Camp Fife. The young men and their leaders participated in several different learning activities and contests. One very different twist on the snowball throwing contest was that the snowballs had to be replaced with rocks since there was no snow for the snowballs.
On Sunday before church Orson and Jeannette Poulsen drove to Salt Lake City to meet with Jeannette’s son Kirk who came to Salt Lake to take tests for an advancement in his job.

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Boyd Udy says his family’s teams are resting and just getting light conditioning work in preparation for the Utah State Cutter Racing finals. Boyd watched the last bit of the Super Bowl. He also called his older sister Verlene for her Sunday birthday. Also on Sunday Boyd and his family attended the blessing of his nephew Mick and Natalie Udy’s baby girl.
Kaye Draper is getting better and better. She has already taken her truck for a short drive. Her doctor tells her to not drive for awhile yet. Her home health care team has given her a release. With the exception of climbing all the stairs in her apartment building, she is doing lots of quiet things: bingo, cards and working on a puzzle.
El O’Driscoll reports keeping busy with lots to do and not enough time to do it. He also has volunteered his time to help his neighbors.
Jim and Starr Mitchell worked at the Ogden Cannery on Thursday to do food for the Brigham City Food Pantry. Jim killed one of their turkeys and the couple ground the meat into turkey burger.
Winnie Richman says, “Hi” to Amos Hatch and Tom Davis, loyal readers of this column, whom she saw at Kent’s in Brigham.
On Wednesday Winnie and friend Carolyn Carter went to art class in Clearfield. Carolyn hopes to be finished in another couple of weeks. Winnie went through the agonizing time of trying to decide on another picture to paint.
Groundhog Day is Clynn and Winnie’s anniversary. They were planning on going out for dinner. At the last minute Clynn didn’t feel well enough, so Winnie, Heather Lott and Lyle Richman, had dinner out. Winnie took Clynn a take-out meal. Grandson Caden Lott joined them briefly before going bike racing.
Winnie got home Sunday after church in time to enjoy a rousing, exciting Super Bowl. She says, “Good job, New York Giants!”


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  1. Ann Marie Merrell
    February 21, 2012 at 6:57 am

    Rocks?!? You backwoods rube! Having kids throw rocks instead of snow!? But, I’m sure you view yourself as some sort of godly, good person who has a wholesome life and many delightful friends. You’re ridiculous.

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