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Hillside Recycling burns


Hillside Recycling in Deweyville,  went up in flames just after 1:30 Wednesday afternoon, sending plumes of black smoke high into the air, seen as far away as Preston, Idaho.  The fire was started when welding sparks ignited pallets and plastic. Tremonton, Fielding and Garland fire departments all responded, but the building was already engulfed when they arrived. Because of the amount of combustible material inside the building and the lack of water at the site, water tenders from Honeyville and Corinne were also dispatched.
No one was injured in the fire but several propane tanks and a transformer exploded, sending even more smoke into the already blackened sky.  Estimated loss to the 175 x 180 foot structure is $200,000, but the contents, which included four balers valued at over $200,000 each, is estimated at over $800,000.


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