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Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

On Thanksgiving Day Jeannette Poulsen’s sons and daughters came up to dinner. During the time they were there Orson hooked up his half linger horse to the buggy and took people for a drive. The group also did some target practice.

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After Thanksgiving, Orson and Jeannette spent a couple of days in Park City. Lately Orson has been helping Eli Anderson at Eli’s shop. Orson got to choose a winter project for himself. It is a bobsled hearse. He has already finished approximately one third of the paint stripping.  “It will be a beautiful little hearse,” Orson says, “But on skids.” It will be about four and a half feet high.

Kaye Draper has been critically ill in the hospital. She has been moved from ICU to rehabilitation and will recuperate there for the next couple of weeks. We wish her well.

We sympathize with Boyd and Kris Udy and all their family with the passing of Kris’s grandmother Ora Thompson. She made this writer’s wedding dress many years ago. She will be greatly missed.

Cleo and Gary Petit drove to Ogden to Steven and Ashley Mitchell’s home for Thanksgiving Day dinner. Among the guests were Cleo’s daughter Kathy and her husband Richard and their son Justin Brimhall. Cleo and Gary’s daughter Wendy and her husband Russell and two sons Jaden and Braxton were also there. Cleo was also glad to see her granddaughter Nicholette and her husband and two boys. “It was great to go, but it was also good to come home,” Cleo says. Cleo reports getting out and walking more when the weather is good.

Jim and Starr Mitchell also drove to Thanksgiving dinner at Steven and Ashley Mitchell’s home (their son and daughter-in-law). Jim reports there were about 20 people present. Among those were Mark, Coy and Kayla Mitchell, and Ryan Petit. “We had a really nice time,” Jim says. “We even had family from Las Vegas.”

Laura and Zane Wheatley and Everly and Georgia went to Zane’s parents for a delicious Thanksgiving Day dinner. All of Zane’s family was there.

Laura attended the Black Friday sales in Logan. “I had so much fun, I’ll probably go again,” she laughs.

On Saturday Laura’s parents and all her sisters and their families came to Promontory for another big dinner. There were about 18 people in attendance. Everly and Georgia practiced their hostess skills on all who came close. “It seems all we did all weekend was eat and recuperate from eating,” Laura says.

Winnie Richman spent all week getting ready for Thanksgiving Day. She fixed her usual meal and actually got all six different pies made. Winnie would not have had as good a day if she had not received so much help from Aaron, April and Lyle. “It was wonderful!” She says enthusiastically. Clynn helped with much of the food preparation. There were 13 people at the table.

On Sunday Winnie, Lyle, Tony Gonzales, Chance Nelson and Brittney Richman and Aaron Richman weaned the Double S Bar Ranch calves. It was a wild and wooly day. Aaron helped Winnie by making repairs to a wind-damaged fence and doing evening chores.


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