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The Bear River girls volleyball team went into their state tournament games physically ready to win, but it was their mental errors that had them out against two schools ending their state play.

The first game was against North Sanpete and they lost in three, 14-25, 20-25, 11-25. “They were putting up 3-man blocking which our girls haven’t seen a lot of and I think it was freaking them out,” Coach Megan Cooper said. “I kept telling them to tip but they kept on swinging. They weren’t used to that kind of blocking.”

The girls served at a 76 percent and passed at a 1.5 as a team. “Those aren’t our best numbers,” Cooper stated. “Anytime we go below 80 percent it’s not good.”

Morgan Summers had 8 kills and 3 digs, Aubrey Rhodes had 6 kills and 4 digs, Stephany Peterson had 4 solo blocks, Kassie Fronk had 7 digs.

“The girls were having a hard time passing the ball so I had to put in my faster setter (Monica Olsen) rather than playing my starting setter Shaunie Owen,” Cooper said. “It was a tough decision because they both have great numbers but the girls weren’t giving the setters anything to work with so I had to put in the setter who was faster. Between the two girls they only had 15 set assists.”

After a pep-talk after the Sanpete game, the girls went against Hurricane ready to go. Although they couldn’t pull off a win losing in three 14-25, 21-25, 20-25.

“As a team they passed at a 1.1 and served at a 62 percent. That’s freshman ball,” Cooper said. But even with the lower stats, the girls still played hard and gave it their all. “I had to go with my faster setter again in this game because our passing was so low,” Cooper said.

Monica Olsen had 18 set assists, Kassie Fronk had 9 digs, Summers had 9 digs and 6 kills, Rhodes had 5 kills and Peterson had 2 solo blocks.

“McCall Stephenson served three aces and an additional three points in one service. Then freshman Alyssa Park was subbed in to serve and got four straight aces. That got the girls fired up and there was a complete switch on how they were playing. They were having fun and were excited. Even though they ended up losing the game, they ended knowing that they were having fun and playing their hardest,” Cooper stated.

The coach said that all year she hasn’t seen the girls give up. Not once. She watched them keep trying over and over and improving all year. “These seniors were my freshmen,” Cooper said. “I’ve had them all four years and it’s going to be exciting to see where they all end up going. I hope they take the memories they have taken from this season – the good games, friendships, uniting as one – and remember them always.”

The volleyball banquet will be held Thursday, Nov. 10. Some of the accomplishments coach Cooper wanted to point out was that Shaunie Owen making academic all-state and Morgan Summers ending the season with 100 more kills than last season. “I’m proud of all of them,” Cooper said.

North Sanpete
Morgan Summers 8 kills, 3 digs
Aubrey Rhodes 6 kills, 4 digs
Stephany Peterson 4 solo blocks
Kassie Fronk 7 digs
Monica Olsen 18 set assists
Kassie Fronk 9 digs
Morgan Summers 9 digs, 6 kills
Aubrey Rhodes 5 kills
Stephany Peterson 2 solo blocks


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