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Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

It’s mighty hard to do this column during the World Series!
Jim and Starr Mitchell’s son and daughter-in-law Steven and Ashley Mitchell were given to Holy Rite of Marriage in their St. Joseph Church in Ogden on Oct. 15. They were previously civilly married on Oct. 30, 2009. Family came from many states: Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Idaho and southern Utah. Many of the guests came to see Jim and Starr at Promontory to spend a couple of nights and to eat a lot of food. All had a wonderful time, but commented that it seemed a long way from town.
Jim received three cords of wood for winter heating use. A cord is about four feet by four feet by eight feet in its bundle. It was all cut and ready for Jim to stock.
Gary and Cleo Petit were part of the wedding party on Oct. 15. They report seeing many of Cleo’s children at the reception at Union Station in Ogden, including Kathy and Richard Brimhall and their son Justin; Wendy and Russell Menlove and their sons Jaden and Braxton; Mark and Coy Mitchell and their daughter Kayla; and Tracy and Debbie Petit and sons from Malad.
Orson and Jeannette Poulsen were busy this week. Orson helped Allen Simper out in Stone, Idaho. Jeannette has been needed in Salt Lake City by several of her children.
Orson reports the final tally from his garden is: corn, three ears; no beans due to too late a spring; quite a few zucchinis and a good amount of tomatoes with more to come until fall freezing. “I am not disappointed considering the lateness of the planting,” he says. He also reports nearly 60 pounds of squash.
Zane and Laura Wheatley have purchased a “new to us” truck. The girls enjoyed the bumpy Promontory road riding in it on the way home. They laughed and laughed. Everly likes to choose the animal to sing about in “Old McDonald Had A Farm.” She wants to sing endlessly. Georgia has learned to climb the stairs in the family home but cries for someone to come get her down. Hold on, Laura; she’ll learn soon enough!
Boyd Udy is now getting ready for winter on the ranch. He is working with a yearling (one year old) colt to get its feet in shape.
Kaye Draper’s flu is back again, but it hasn’t kept her down. On Wednesday nine friends sent to The Bakery for supper. They were treating their assistant manager before she moved away. On Thursday the Lowell Apartment Building residents gave a cake and ice cream party for her. It was well attended. On Friday – Sunday, Kaye played bingo and cards at several different places.
Winnie Richman canned tomatoes on Monday. She says thank you to Orson and Jeannette Poulsen and Robert Farms for the delicious fruit.
On Tuesday afternoon Winnie ran into Annette Olson, Betty McMurtrey and Charly Young’s daughter in Brigham. Her name is Charlie, too. “Hi, ladies,” Winnie says.
On Wednesday Clynn’s nephew Randy Richman and son Dalton came to fix the Double S Bar toilet. It was decided that 59 years was old enough to replace it. While Randy worked Dalton and Winnie went up on the mountain and brought the 10 remaining cow/calf pairs down to the winter pasture. “Thank you, Dalton,” Winnie and Clynn say.
Randy came again to the ranch with a beautiful, new, water-saving, quiet toilet on Wednesday. He put it in and then stayed for a bite to eat.
On Saturday Matt Burns came to the ranch to do more of the work loading old grain sacks into the horse trailer for disposal at the Box Elder County Landfill.
The Thatcher-Penrose Second Ward choir is practicing for their presentation at Saturday night Tremonton West Stake Conference. Winnie is really enjoying singing alto with the other choir members.


1 comment for “PROMONTORY 10-26-11

  1. Ann Marie Merrell
    October 31, 2011 at 6:34 am

    Good heavens, could this little column be more incredibly boring? Do you actually publish this garbage for people to read, or are you doing it in an attempt to distract yourself from what appears to be a life so without meaning that you’re constantly staring at a pistol and wondering what it would be like to suck the barrel? I feel so deeply sorry for you. First, you live in Utah. Nuff said. But you then take time to publish what can only be described as the hollow diary of a lifeless rube who’s desperately seeking a way to pretend that suicide is not a truly welcome respite from an earthly hell. Well, you’ll always have my sympathies even though you will need far more than that to avoid utter and complete howling bleakness and despair.

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