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Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

We welcome our newest neighbor to our column. Laura Wheatley has become a stay-at-home mom to almost two year old Everly and one year old in November, Georgia. Laura and Zane have been here several years, but Laura will be easier to catch now.

Laura, Zane and the girls drove to St. George over the weekend to attend the farewell of a cousin. The family stayed at Laura’s aunt and uncle’s home while there. Laura also reports Georgia has her second new tooth and has learned to bite.

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Orson and Jeannette Poulsen have raised enough banana squash to can to be used in Orson’s special pies. He uses the recipe from a can of pumpkin found in stores. They have also canned peaches from their own peach tree. They have grown some other things, but wish to express their deep appreciation for the Thatcher/Penrose 2nd Ward garden which has ably filled in their year’s supply that their garden didn’t.

Jeannette has been making quilt blocks in black, white, red and green fabric. She has 42 of these and says it will be enough for a queen sized quilt. She calls it her “Gloria” quilt because Gloria Jensen has been helping her. On Saturday she attended a “quilters kindergarten” at the Brigham City Fire Station.

While Jeannette was in Brigham Saturday, Orson was involved with some ward service projects. He was glad to be of help to his neighbors. He and Jeannette have also been busy at the ward cannery.

Kaye Draper has started her square dancing with the Swinging Singles for the next few months. She danced most of the dances rotating out with the few extra ladies present.

On Wednesday the Liberty Senior Center had a bingo/spaghetti dinner fund-raiser. Kaye was asked to help out.

Thursday evening she participated in a combined Relief Society/Priesthood meeting in her ward. Friday brought a lot of bingo-ing at various places.

On Friday night beginning at 10 p.m., at the Hale Theatre, Kaye and friend Marlene watched the play “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” They were a little late getting home due in part to getting “a little” lost. They found themselves near a restaurant and stopped in for dessert before continuing home.

Saturday evening the Lowell Apartment Association gave a pre-football party for its residents to celebrate the big game between the U and BYU. Kaye helped serve.

On Monday a tire crew came in their truck with a new tire for Clynn Richman’s plowing tractor. “I hope this solves our tire problems!” says Clynn.

On Wednesday Winnie and Marriah drove to art in Clearfield. Marriah had the day off at school so she decided to try to finish one of her canvasses. She did; it is beautiful! It will be sprayed next week and brought home to her. Winnie finished her canvas and brought it home to dry then be copied. She will take it next week to be sprayed, thus fixing the painting and giving it “shine.”

Winnie would like to thank Dallas and Della Taylor for helping her acquire some of their spare gallon cans. Winnie drove over one of her two cans and really needed a second one for chores. Dallas even put wire handles on two of the cans.

On Saturday Winnie drove to Brigham City to join with other family members to celebrate the one year anniversary of her great-grandson Jayden Nelson. All ate cake and had a merry time. Winnie hopes Jayden will know how to tear into his presents next year.


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