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Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Good news! The barn owl that Jim and Starr Mitchell rescued from the winter freezing temperatures will be able to stay with the Tracy Aviary and be shown to the public. His injuries prevent him being returned to the wild.

Recently Jim and Starr were called by the Petit family to come see a great horned owl in their yard. It was being carefully examined by several wild birds and a deer. It was unable to get away. Starr gently captured the bird in a blanket and transferred it to a cage. She and Jim took it to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center (WRC) in Ogden, next to the Eccles Dinosaur Park on East 12th Street.

The WRC is totally operated by donations from public resources, not tax dollars. Right now the center is in need of sheets. These items are used on the chain link fences to keep birds from injuring their feathers, wings, and feet, and also for their privacy. The center reports that Jim and Starr’s great horned owl is not seriously injured and will be rehabilitated and returned to the Promontory area, hopefully to rejoin his family here. He is a young male.

In other news Starr has made some peach jam from the fruit of her own trees.

Jim and Starr, along with friends Al and Jessie, traveled to Willard Bay to catch some wipers. Wipers are a cross between white bass and stripers. Wipers have lots of teeth and spines but are good to eat.

Jim took Ron Porter to Crumps about his car, so Ron shared some tomatoes and zucchinis with Jim and Starr from his garden.

On Friday Orson Poulsen’s granddaughter Arianna came for most of the afternoon. After lunch with Orson and Jeannette, she rode the horses.

On Saturday Orson and Jeannette accompanied two of Orson’s high school friends and their wives to a high school class reunion. The open house social was held on the west side of Pineview Dam. Orson didn’t notice any flood damage while they were there.

Kaye Draper’s life this past week has been filled with cards, bingo and dominos at various venues.

Kaye reports her tomato plant is still alive, but it’s long vines have no flowers on them yet.

Cleo and Gary Petit’s garden is “about done.” However, they have harvested tomatoes, radishes, beets, some squash and cucumbers. “It is enough,” Gary says, “since it wasn’t a big garden this year.”

On Wednesday Winnie Richman drove to art class in Clearfield alone. She is almost finished with her latest canvas.

Winnie plowed on Saturday, finishing for the year!

On Sunday, Clynn and Winnie listened to the 10-year memorial of the Sept. 11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York City, the attack on the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and the heroic downing of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. The excellent broadcast brought many tears and emotional moments.


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