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Road under debate

Special to the Leader

Plymouth town has had Johnston Engineering surveying for several months to determine the exact location and ownership of a road at 20400 N. between the old highway and Hwy. 13.
Some residents had questioned why the road was unusable as it is listed on the 1935 block map of the town, and was used as a farm road, going about a mile west of old Hwy. 91 to 6000 W.
In about 1952 the new highway was built bypassing the town. The new road then became Hwy 91.  Later when the freeway was built to Tremonton, Hwy. 91 was named I-15  until the present freeway was built, then it was renamed Hwy. 13, and is such at present.

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The original Hwy. 91 became the old highway, which curves south into 5200 W.   The section of road on 20400 N., between the old highway and Hwy. 13, became nothing more than a couple of wagon tracks with a lot of ruts and has not been maintained for years.  This road has not been passable for cars, but bicycles, four-wheelers, horses and such have always used the access.
The west half of the road gives access to a home and because it basically dead-ends in the middle of the road (east  and west) it has been almost impossible to maintain.
The town is hoping that a continuous street will allow many more people using all modes of travel to use this access and make it possible to maintain the road better, allowing any runoff water to be diverted out of the road and into a barrow ditch.
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