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Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Many of Promontory’s residents stayed home or close on July 24-25.
On Friday, Orson and Jeannette Poulsen drove to Salt Lake City to spend the day with Jeannette’s six children. One son came up from Moab and his son joined them from Denver, Colo. Several of Jean-nette’s grandchildren also joined them. Some of the family did some swimming and all shared in a great dinner before heading home. Orson says, “Jeannette was quite thrilled.”

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Although the couple spent the rest of the weekend at home, it was not boring! Two grandchildren came on Monday with two of their sons. They did some horseback riding and shot Orson’s black powder guns.
Orson and Jeannette’s garden is doing well. They have some very young corn, beans and squash (for Orson’s pies). They also have some zucchini showing promise.
Kaye Draper spent Wednesday playing bingo at the Liberty Senior Center. She won the black-out card contest. “It’s been a long time since I did that,” she says. During the day they all had banana splits. They enjoyed the good prizes awarded, too.
On Thursday Kaye went to lunch at Little America Hotel with Rita. The ladies split a Ruben sandwich and a piece of cake. Thursday evening Kaye’s apartment building met in the Community Room for pizza and cards.
On Monday Kaye watched part of the Days of ‘47 Parade. During the past part she and the other members of her apartment building prepared for a public yard sale.
Boyd Udy reports staying home most of the week, just enjoying his work and the cool shade of his trees.
Although Gary and Cleo Petit stayed home most of the week, Cleo reports their garden has suddenly spurted up. They have eaten several of their vegetables including young carrots and nice, ripe tomatoes.
Clynn and Winnie Richman are too hot to do much. Winnie got a phone call on Tuesday that there were some Double S Bar calves on the road. She chased them but they wouldn’t go back in the hole in the fence they got out of. Thanks to Doris Larsen, Gary and Cleo Petit and Steven Peterson, the calves were finally pushed back into the pasture. In the process Winnie backed the truck into the high bank of the road and badly kinked the exhaust pipe into the back tire. Fortunately Gary and Steve yelled for her to stop so no more damage was done. They got it straight enough to get it to town for repairs.
On Wednesday Winnie and Carolyn Carter took granddaughter Marriah Richman to art class with them. All three ladies (Marriah is now 12) made great progress on their canvasses.
Winnie finished one piece of plowing on Saturday. Both Winnie and the tractor were hot and running out of fuel, so they quit.


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