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Promontory Pointers 7-27-11


Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Jim and Starr Mitchell “stuck around” home all week. They accomplished a lot of work inside and harvested some little red potatoes from their garden. “We got spring fever,” Starr said, “and really got with the garden. Now we are enjoying our produce.” They took the potatoes into their back porch to dry a little before they eat them.
Boyd Udy says, “The heat is terrible!” Kris Udy says, “It’s too hot for me!” Boyd and Tyrell traveled to Farmington Friday and Saturday to help with the animals at the Utah Cutting Horse Association’s show. “It was fun, but it was hot there, too,” Boyd said.
Cleo and Gary Petit report staying home except for Cleo’s going line dancing. They like the cooler mornings and the fans and their air conditioner during the days and evenings.

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Winnie Richman waited for the wind to die down on Tuesday in order to see the statue of Moroni placed on the east spire of the Brigham City Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was well worth the wait! She also saw a round golden ball with a long point off the top being placed on the west temple spire.
Winnie thanks Petersen Body and Glass for fixing her car’s underpinning and bottom radiator mounts on Thursday.
On Sunday Winnie spent time in the Thatcher-Penrose II library. She would like to thank Cheyenne Burns for her help. Her mother, Winnie’s regular partner, was ill. The rest of Sunday after choir practice, was spent calm, cool (in front of fans!) and collecting lists for the coming week’s work.
Jeannette Poulsen drove to Kaysville to help son Ren move into a nice place. They had a good chat. Jeannette’s fourth son Brandon came to the farm for a couple of nights. “It was a really special thing,” Jeannette says.
Orson Poulsen’s granddaughter, Arianna, came to the Poulsen home with a friend. They rode horses and rode in the pony cart during the afternoon. “It was very nice to have them come out,” Orson and Jeannette said.
Kaye Draper reports a lot of card playing during the week beginning Sunday after dinner at Carolyn and Bill Bolton’s home. “We do cards almost every night at our apartment building the last thing of the day,” Kaye said. She enjoyed her job at the Member Location Department on Monday. On Wednesday Kaye and Rita had an early supper at Kentucky Fried Chicken. On Friday Kaye and three friends Bea, Lucy and Gloria, had lunch at the Sonic Burger.
You will remember that Kaye purchased a tomato plant back in the late spring to try to grow in her apartment. Well, it seemed to be quite dead, or so Kaye thought. She kept watering it and gave it some good plant food and now it is coming along nicely. She is wondering if it will be able to produce tomatoes eventually.


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