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Things That Creep, Things That Crawl…

Reptile man comes to their rescue

If it slithers, crawls, creeps or slinks, it can likely be found in Jim Dix’s animal menagerie, and has probably been confiscated, abused or abandoned before finding a safe haven with this reptile rescuer.
Dix, a resident of West Valley City and owner of non-profit Reptile Rescue Services, has a 40-year history working with snakes, lizards, turtles and a host of other wild beasts.  In fact, he shares his home with over 300 reptiles he has saved.   Dix brought a few of his scaly friends to Semps Learning Center in Garland last week at the request of proprietor Sandi Rees.  Dix and his assortment of creatures were the center of attention for the youngsters who attended the learning camp and got “up close and personal” with the scale-encrusted guests.
While many of Dix’s animals are native to Utah, like the desert tortoise or the Great Basin rattler, some are much more exotic, such as the Burmese python or the Savannah monitor.
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