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Jeannette Poulsen and the other volunteers from the Bear River Valley Hospital had a luncheon at Maddox Ranch House restaurant on Tuesday. This meal was to honor their efforts and work as volunteers. “It was very nice,” she says. On Saturday Jeannette went to Ogden with Gloria Jensen and Judy Jensen for their Saturday morning Quilters’ Guild meeting.
Orson Poulsen is busy preparing for a Scout camp in June. He has spent many hours working with Eli Anderson restoring an antique buggy.
We need to apologize to Orson for a mistake made in his family genealogy. He is Orson Lee Poulsen, the son of Lloyd Poulsen who is the son of Orson Lorenzo Poulsen, the first owner of the Poulsen ranch at Promontory.
Boyd Udy reports lots of rain during the week. “We can’t get around in the east pastures, but we still do need the rain,” he says.
Cleo Petit says she and Gary have had a “kinda normal week.” Their garden contains tomatoes, peppers and squash. They purchased these plants from wherever they looked good. “It’s nice not to have to water, what with this weather,” she says.
Jim and Starr Mitchell are working around their yard and garden. They have put in more potatoes and some corn. They planted only one crop of corn due to lack of space for successive to lengthen the harvesting period.
Winnie Richman stayed home Monday to receive her visiting teachers. It was a wonderfully friendly meeting. “Thank you, Keli and Shannon,” Winnie says. That afternoon Winnie plowed a piece of ground that appeared to be dry enough. The tractor ran very oddly and she just was able to finish the job before the tractor bogged down. Once the plow was raised the tractor seemed to get a little more energy – enough to get home and get parked.
Thursday Lyle Richman, Greg, Heather and Colton Lott came to the Double S Bar Ranch to help Winnie ship three steers to Palmer Meat Packing in Tremonton. It went safely (the most important thing). The next morning Winnie was able to cut her feed rations in half – from 30 pounds to 15 pounds. Another reason for celebrating Thursday was the Richmans’ son Aaron returned from Ohio where he was working.
On Friday Winnie and Carolyn Carter drove to Utah State University to see the Museum of Art. Sadly the museum is being renovated so many of their fine art works are in storage. However, the museum still had their pottery collection on display. It was wonderful.
Sunday Aaron and April Richman came to visit and tell Clynn and Winnie about Aaron’s visit to Ohio.
Kaye Draper reports her brother-in-law, Bill Bolton, is in the hospital, but will return home soon. She also says she has been “busy, just going, going, going.” On Tuesday Kaye presided over the Liberty Senior Center Advisory Council meeting. She played bingo and was asked to call the games on Friday night at the Lowell Apartments. On Saturday Kaye and a friend went to visit another friend who had just got out of the hospital.


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