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Garland vigilantly watching the Bear River

Winter runoff from Logan Canyon is still a concern for Garland Mayor Arlon Bennett, but he is hopeful that the Bear River has peaked and the highest of the spring melt is behind Garland now

“The [Bear River] is down 18 inches [from its high]. Blacksmith Fork is no longer on the [flood watch] list,” Bennett said. “If we don’t go any higher than we are, we’re doing good.”

Council member Gary Shaw, who is over the city’s water issues, joined Bennett in discussing the current situation at the Garland City Council meeting Wednesday night. “The Bear River’s threatened again… it’s still a concern. With the thaw and high water rising, we could very well be in trouble,” he said.

Bennett stated that the city has fire hydrants open on 1300 South and 100 West, by the new school, to alleviate the city’s current flooding concerns. The city, however, so far has not had to run pumps out of the river to keep it from backing up into the actual pump houses, he continued.

Applications will soon be accepted for a new Garland Library Head Librarian, council member Daniel Bowcutt stated. An acting librarian is standing in until the position is filled, Bowcutt added, however, he did not elaborate on the status of the past librarian, Teresa Clark.

Former Garland resident, Jan Varga addressed the city council about the current status of the Bear River Valley Museum planning board. As a board member for the museum’s fundraising committee, she approached the council for help and informed them of the board’s desire to involve the whole valley in the effort. She said many of the valley’s towns have representatives on the board. The board is seeking antiquities native to the valley, is interested in local historians’ information and also encourages local residents to donate used aluminum cans for the board to recycle for cash.

In addition, the board is open to alternatives to the Schumann Park location. “It’s going to cost so much money [to build the museum] that we are open to suggestions,” she said. “If someone has a wonderful location that they would like to donate or sell to us for a moderate sum—we need a home for our museum.”


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