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Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Cleo and Gary Petit had a quiet Mother’s Day with daughter Wendy and her husband Russell and their two sons Jaden and Braxton Menlove out for the day and dinner. Cleo reports that the cows they check on have still a few calves waiting to be born. Their garden is still in the planning stage.
Kaye Draper went square dancing Monday evening after attending the funeral for her husband Bill’s cousin during the day. On Tuesday she worked at the welfare baking stacking loaves of bread onto pallets (10 loaves to each pallet). On Wednesday and Friday she played Bingo at various venues. Then on Saturday the Lowell Apartment Association held a bake sale. The residents of the building contributed cookies, cakes, pies, and breads. Kaye made chocolate chip cookies and bought some cream puffs. The proceeds of the sale will go towards defraying expenses of the bar-b-ques and other association activities.
Jim and Starr Mitchell report their garden is coming along fine. A chicken got into the garden and tore up about half the sunflowers. Inspite of the chilly days and wind recently, the rest of the garden is doing fairly well. A new batch of baby chicks has hatched bringing their total to 29. However, all the groups are being held separately until they are fairly well grown. This keeps them from fighting each other.
Boyd Udy is just watching the rain. Although the moisture is very necessary on Promontory, it is hard to have to let some of the work pile up.
Clynn and Winnie Richman’s son Lyle came out on Monday to unload the last big load of grain for the fattening steers and to eat dinner and chat with them (Clynn and Winnie, not the steers!) Clynn says he is so grateful for the help all winter. On Tuesday the couple received a new hot water heater from V. Propane. It is wonderful.
On Friday Clynn and Winnie visited Dr. Richard Jenson for the painless removal of another of Clynn’s teeth. “Thank you, Dr. Jensen,” Clynn says.
On Saturday Greg, Heather, Colton and Caden Lott and Greg’s friend Pat moved the Richman cows and calves up the road fro their winter pasture and calving ground to the mountain pasture in front of the Richman’s house. It was slow to accommodate the abilities of the young calves. Two new calves were taken into the trail and doctored and ear marked and delivered to their mothers when they reached the mountain gate. On Sunday Greg and Heather, and son Lyle and and his friend Tony Gonzales gathered the Double S Bar bulls and put them on the mountain with the cows. Winnie asked Lyle to put her plowing tractor on charge so she could start it and hook it up to the plow. He did. The “kids” also put another cow and calf on the mountain. A second cow and calf charged them and became dangerous so they left them in the field. Winnie says, “I’m just glad to have the bulls on the mountain and nobody got hurt!”
Orson Poulsen branded 75 percent of his calves on Thursday, This is three out of the four expected calves this year. His brand is a combination of his initials O, L, P on one iron (op) handle. It is registered in his name since he inherited it from his father Lloyd Lorenzo Poulsen. Orson’s grandfather originally used it on horses and was the first Poulsen to own the Poulsen Ranch at Promontory in 1901.
Jeannette Poulsen went to a quilting retreat with the Tremonton Quilting Guild Thursday, Friday and Saturday. She saw a huge number of different kinds of quilts, and learned a lot of different kinds of quilting techniques.


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