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Youth soccer could come to Garland’s parks

Garland City Council listened Wednesday to a proposal for the city to sponsor a soccer and t-ball program in which children from Fielding and Riverside, as well as Garland can participate.  Because the discussion came too late for a spring program this year, the council asked that the group research its options and present a more detailed proposal at the council’s work session April 12.

Kristie Davis, the citizen who proposed the program, said she wants to save the citizens of Garland money.  Currently, kids from Garland are charged an extra $5 per sport to go through the Tremonton Parks and Recreations sports programs.  She has been seeking sponsors for the equipment and said that the coaches will donate their time.  The biggest question is which local parks could accommodate the soccer games.

Fall football practices at the Garland City Park will prevent that venue from being available during the autumn season, Council member Fred Christiansen said.  However, several of the council members suggested many alternative parks for Davis to consider.

Fire Chief Kent Menlove reported that he was in court Tuesday for a ruling regarding a burglary in November 2009.  The department was awarded $250 in restitution for personal tools and fire equipment items that were not recovered following the burglary.  The burglar was caught and has been charged and sentenced.

On a lighter note, Menlove stated that the firemen are gearing up for two annual city events.  The Garland Salmon Fry will be June 4 and the kid’s Easter Egg Hunt is set for April 24 at 10 a.m., he said.  The teen Easter Egg Hunt will be that same day at 8:30 p.m.

Christiansen stressed that mosquito season is around the corner and that residents can do their part to keep the pests at bay.  People can help reduce the mosquito population, he said, by “avoid[ing] standing water that invites mosquitoes into your yard,”.  The city fights its mosquito battles “primarily by spraying larvacides in ponds, retention basins, drainage [areas] and agricultural fields,” he continued.

Initial bids for the upgrade in the heater and duct work of the Garland City Offices are in and the bid from Tremonton Heating and Air was approved pending a few questions regarding the other company’s quote.

The Planning and Zoning Committee is updating its master plan for the city’s streets, Marty Hiles reported.  In addition, the commission’s ordinance regarding sexually oriented businesses is awaiting the city council’s approval.  It will next go to the city’s lawyer before it can come to the council for a final vote, Hiles said.


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