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Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

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Boyd Udy hasn’t seen any turkey buzzards yet. He knows when they come back, spring will come with them. He hopes it comes soon. Meanwhile, there is always a job waiting to be done. It keeps one from focusing too much on now and looking forward to the future.
Orson and Jeannette Poulsen are busy no matter the weather. This past week Jeannette practiced more quilting techniques and added to her skills in beading. Since the weather was not conducive to working outside, Orson stayed inside to sew four new leather shirts together: one for Jeannette, one for himself and two to be sold in his traders’ shop at the rendezvous.
Orson and Jeannette spent the rest of the week working together on their new workshop.
On Monday Kaye Draper didn’t get to go to her square dance club due to the snowy roads. “I guess I’m getting more cautious these days,” she says. On Wednesday Kaye attended a recognition dinner for volunteers from the Liberty Senior Center. They were entertained by a live jazz band.
Kaye played bingo in her spare time. On Saturday the Lowell Apartment Association had a St. Patrick’s Day cookie and green ice cream social.
On Sunday after church Kaye drove to West Valley City for dinner and cards. She spent the night and arrived home in time to go to her Monday job at the Relief Society building. She is looking forward to her ward conference.
Cleo Petit and husband Gary report 11-12 more calves this week. “It’s always busy,” she says, “and that’s good.”
On Tuesday Aaron Richman came to the Double S Bar Ranch to help Winnie feed the yearling calves and the cows. “Thank you, Aaron,” both Clynn and Winnie say.
Winnie went to art class on Wednesday and is almost finished with one of her 5×7 pictures. Carolyn Carter made good progress on her canvas.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Winnie enjoyed staying home. “I did a lot of catching up – resting, planning, housework,” she admits. On Sunday her son Aaron and his friend Dennis came out in the morning and fed the calves and the cows while Winnie was attending early choir practice, singing in the choir during sacrament meeting and late choir practice. She returned home to fix dinner, do chores and get used to daylight savings time.


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