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Garland council approves 700 foot water line

Garland City Council approved a 700 foot 8-inch water line, which will run to the Ashby Subdivision near Canal Road, at its Wednesday night meeting.   The line will need to be completed before the spring, when the water is in the canals, Mayor Arlon Bennett said.

The new subdivision will need the 8-inch, instead of the normal 3-inch line, Marty Hiles from the planning and zoning committee said, because of the need for a fire hydrant.

“It will be the developers responsibility to put water and sewer in for their development [from there], council member Fred Christensen said.

Fire Chief Kent Menlove reported that the fire department responded to a fire at the high school in vocational building this last week.  During the construction of the high school, false alarms were the norm.  However, this time, he said, it was the real deal.  Menlove reported that smoke filled the whole room, but that it was late at night, so no one was involved.

The city council approved the revised fire department’s bi-laws, as well as the officers for the next year.  A budget the fire department proposed to fund the EMS calls for the year was approved on a 6-month trial basis.  The council will revisit the issue in October to see if the $1,200 amount for 6-months will be workable for successive years.

Garland Police Chief Linda Bourne discussed a new computer program the city has been using since January to track police reports.  Bourne said the department is trying to work out some kinks, but isn’t satisfied with the software so far.  Bennett requested the department give it some more time before the city decides to go back to its former setup.

The Garland Library is in the midst of receiving and applying for grants again.  It received another $3,785 and Head Librarian, Teresa Clark has also applied for Community Library Enhancement Fund (CLEF) through the state.  She expects that the awarded amounts will be down this year, as the state libraries divide the monies.  Clark has completed the paperwork for another grant it has received previously.  The phone and internet grant cuts a $235 bill down to about $70, she said.

Clark was pleased with the library’s family reading program.  Twenty-four families and 96 total people have participated,  reading 300 books over the last month.  Prizes were awarded Saturday.

Plans for the 2011 Wheat and Beet Days are well underway, Councilmember Dan Bowcutt said.  He has applied for a county tourism grant, requesting more money than in previous years.  Anita Bennett has volunteered to be in charge of the events, Bowcutt added, and Councilmember Jonna Comstock will head the parade committee.  The group is still looking for an assistant for Comstock, however.

Rough Stock will again play for crowds at the park, Bowcutt said, but he is hoping to secure a second band.

The city is interviewing for a position with the city water department, Councilmember Gary Shaw reported.  The city’s pump house computer system continues to cause some issues, Shaw said.  Bennett reported that he has been looking at the 6 year old system and he believes that it will need to be replaced.  “I have put in for a grant,” he said, “and I’m hoping to get it to help pay for that [so we do] not have to fund that up front.”

Bennett also reported that he found that the city office’s furnace is mounted incorrectly.  He will be getting two bids on resetting the furnace, as well as two bids for the new double doors for the north side of the Garland Armory.

The council waived the rental cost for the Garland Armory for the Robyn Wilkinson leukemia fundraiser March 24.  Lana Archibald reserved the gym for the fundraiser and requested the council consider waiving the cost.


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