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Garland Hears Report on Date Violence

Approximately 384 women sought refuge from date violence at the Box Elder County women’s shelter from July 1 through Dec. 31.  Twenty-one of these were age 13- 15 shelter workers announced at the Garland City Council Meeting Wednesday night.

Two women’s shelter employees shined some light on what they said is not a family problem, or an individual’s problem, but a community problem.

Education Outreach Director for the Box Elder County women’s shelter, Shauna Barfuss, petitioned the Garland City Council to declare February Dating Violence Free Month with a proclamation Wednesday night.  The council voted unanimously to declare dating violence next month’s focus.

Shelter director Annette MacFarlane joined with Barfuss in reiterating the importance of being vigilant as an individual and with friends.  MacFarlane asked the teens at the council meeting, who attended for their high school government class, to raise their hands if they knew anyone who was in an abusive relationship.  The response was not significant.  However, she stated date violence could include stalking or controlling, as well as physical abuse and that all are violent behaviors.

“Teachers want to help,” Barfuss, who is a teacher, stated, “but the youth must come forward.”  It takes education and awareness to stop the shame.  Victims need to realize that help is available, counseling and other kinds of help, the two said.

Marty Hiles reported the planning and zoning commission reviewed a proposal from the Ashby subdivision, which is by Canal Road, he said.  Two more homes within the subdivision were approved, with a road, culinary water and sewage.

“We’re going to have to put a water line in and a fire hydrant,” Hiles said, “with about 700 feet of eight-inch water line.”

Hiles also reported that the committee has been working on an ordinance for sexually-oriented business.  He stated that the ordinance is important because “We have to have an ordinance if we want to control it.”

Police Chief Linda Bourne said her department responded to 152 calls in December.  Among these was a missing person call which ended up with an 82-year-old with Alzheimer’s driving a car to Stone Reservoir and wrecking the vehicle.

Garland Head Librarian, Teresa Clark reported that patronage to the library was average in December but that circulation was up, with 2,446 materials being checked out.  The library will have a family reading program in February and will offer prizes, she said.

Council member Fred Christensen said that 12 new picnic tables for the city park are in the works.  A troop from the Garland LDS 3rd ward will be building the bases and staining the tables.

The Garland Youth Council will be touring the legislature with Rep. Ronda Menlove in the next month, council member Jonna Comstock reported.

Mayor Arlon Bennett announced that the Garland Armory doors are the focus of his latest project.  The doorway will be widened and the new oak doors will open out for moving tables both in and out of the building.  Bennett said that the Garland Community Theatre will be helping with the cost.


2 comments for “Garland Hears Report on Date Violence

  1. Jonna Comstock
    January 31, 2011 at 1:39 pm


    The headlines reads that Garland is promoting violence. Could it read that Garland council declares February Date Violence FREE Month

    Jonna Comstock

  2. theleader
    January 31, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Thanks for the heads up. We caught it on the print edition.

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