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Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Boyd Udy is preparing his team to feed with the wagon during the upcoming calving season. “It’s too slick to use them now,” he says. “I don’t want to have to sharp-shoe them if I don’t have to. We are feeding now, of course, but from the truck.” Boyd is also taking his wonderful horse, Crocker, to the cutter races in Ogden each week to “pony” (lead) his family’s three teams to the starting gates.
Jim and Starr Mitchell have baked the last of their pumpkins from last fall. They will roast the seeds for eating and puree and then freeze the rest for pies and cookies. Starr reports having used all of Cleo Petit’s paper-wrapped green tomatoes (that turned red).
Gary and Cleo Petit have stayed home to keep out of the cold and away from the flu.
Orson and Jeannette Poulsen made a quick trip to Salt Lake City to take their daughter to the doctor. She is recovering nicely.
Kaye Draper spent Sunday night at Carolyn and Bill Bolton’s home after cards and dinner. She has been bingo-ing and calling the numbers.
Winnie Richman would like to thank Starr Mitchell for her help in identifying the bird that produced some orange reined, black-at-the-end feathers in Winnie’s barnyard. The feathers probably came from a flicker woodpecker. Winnie is glad to know that there are other species of woodpeckers than “Woody.”
On Wednesday, Winnie and friend Carolyn Carter began their art year.
Clynn and Winnie’s son Aaron has been a great help in feeding the calves. On Friday Greg and Heather Lott came out to feed the calves.
On Sunday, Lyle Richman came out to a spaghetti dinner and do chores and feeding in the field so Winnie could attend the new Tremonton West Stake dedication ceremony. “It was wonderful!” Winnie exclaims. “The stake center building is beautiful inside and out.”


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