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Sheep Ranchers Alarmed

Sheep ranching have long been a vital part of Box Elder County and its predominance in Utah’s agriculture. But major changes proposed by the Department of Labor over the use of foreign labor could put a kink in that tradition…


“Mikado” Entertains at Heritage

Yum-Yum (Morgan Richards) and Nanki-Poo (Jordan Tolman) get the eye from Ko-Ko (Rob Christensen) in the production of “The Mikado,” coming to Heritage Theatre in Perry. March6-28. Visit for more information. Courtesy Photo


Beefing up the balances

Cari Doutre Leader Staff Writer Garland City Mayor Scott Coleman is watching the city’s general and capital improvement funds and will make sure the balances in those accounts stay at a comfortable level to help protect the city from any…


Cementing the Community

For 150 years, Deweyville has been a town that draws families. Over that past century and a half, some of those family names reflex newcomers to the area, while That’s why it only seems fitting that Deweyville Boy Scout, Easton…


Garland Library a happening place


   Garland City Library Director Danielle Rasmussen has taken the library into the future of technology as well as bringing the library to the attention of many statewide programs. Her teen program, which she started just a few years ago,…


Higher pay for Garland mayor?

Members of the Garland City Council, still reeling from passing the new budget, discusses whether or not to give Garland City Mayor Scott Coleman a $500 to $1,000 a month salary for his work as mayor and city manager. Coleman…


Pages of History

    Walking down Factory Street in Garland it’s easy to notice the beauty and the statuesque buildings that face the south and hold within them the history of Garland and the people that built a town that has seen its…